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10 Content Ideas for Health and Wellness Experts

We hear from a lot of members, including our health and wellness friends who are frustrated with coming up with content ideas.

We get it.

Content creation can sometimes get the best of everyone. Fortunately, we’re breaking down 10 content ideas for the health and wellness industry. 

Go ahead, grab your matcha and let’s dive in. 

1. Why 

Looking to shift the perspective of your audience?

The perfect way to do this is by including content in your marketing strategy that pushes “why” something is important. 

Here’s an example:

Why Is It Important to Complete a Variety of Exercises While Working Out?

2. News and Updates 

The health and wellness industry is always buzzing with trending news and updates. These popular articles spark great conversation, so why not add your voice to the mix.

Sharing your opinion about a recent article published in your industry builds your brand authority. 

Curious about where to find these articles?

Take time every week to search sites like Google Trends, BuzzSumo, LinkedIn, or Twitter. 

3. Timing 

Timely content is perfect for grabbing the attention of your audience. 

For instance, a perfect content idea during the pandemic is “How to Improve Your Relationship with Food During the Coronavirus Outbreak.” 

Chances are, this topic is already on the minds of a lot of people in your community.

4. This or That 

Weighing the pros and cons of something is always fun. Just like most industries, people are always searching for “what works best” in the health and wellness industry. 

They’re shopping around for the best gadgets or products, so it’s no surprise that advice from an expert is something they would love to read about.

Here’s an idea to get you started: 

“Fit Bit vs Apple Watch: Pros and Cons, Which One is Right for You?”

5. Guides 

Who doesn’t like a step-by-step guide?

People love to save these to reference later as well. 

“Your Guide to Working Out During the Pandemic” is not only a great guide but it’s also timely.

Sneak peek of some of thee fitness images in the library

6. Types 

Lists posts are always popular. The ideas are endless here. Simply think about your specialty and zone all the way in.

Here’s an example:

“[X] Foods for a Healthy Immune System”

7. Did You Know? 

Give your audience something new to discover like “Did You Know These [X] Habits Will Help You Get Better Sleep?”

8. Ideas 

Get people to think outside of the box. 

If they’re stuck on how to make the most out of their home gym, you could include content like “How to Create a Home Gym Out of Common Household Items.” 

9. Checklist 

Look, a good checklist is irresistible. 

Your audience can use these time after time and you can easily turn them into freebie downloads to build your email list. 

Get started with this idea: 

“[X] Staples to Always Have on Hand for Healthy Home Meals”

10. Trends 

You’re not the only one who has saved all those trending lifestyle type of posts from Instagram or Pinterest. Everyone does it. 

People want to know the most popular thing to try right now. They also want to know why they should try it and how they should try it. 

Matcha has been trending for quite some time, so “What’s the Deal With Matcha? & How to Make Iced Matcha Tea!” is a great piece of content for your audience to consume. 

Are these ideas helpful? 

Jump in the comments to share which idea or ideas spark inspiration for you. Feel free to also share which industry you’d like us to cover next.

2 Responses

  1. I love that you’ve taken the time to include fitness images! As a fitness professional this is always the biggest drag for me. Finding images of women doing strength training who look like me is next to impossible.
    I hope to see more of this avenue from Color Joy Stock! (This might actually be an amazing collab idea!)

    1. Thank you for the feedback, Jasmine! We will definitely continue creating fitness images of women, especially strength training. We do collaborate with members, so feel free to reach out to us via our contact form if you decide to join!

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