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How to Create a Color Palette for Your Brand Using Stock Photos and Canva

Are you starting to establish your brand’s color palette, and not sure which colors reflect you?

A consistent color palette helps with brand recognition, and influences your client and customer’s feeling about your brand. It’s your first impression!

Some of your favorite big brands have a color palette. How do the colors they share in their marketing influence your buying decisions?

You can establish a color palette with ease using images from the ColorJoy Stock library and Canva. Here’s how:

Step 1: Choose an image from the library that you believe reflects your brand. Choose 2 or 3 images if you’d like! Download the image to your computer.

Step 2: Create a new design in Canva.

Step 3: Upload the image to your Canva library by clicking Upload Media.

Step 4: Click on your workspace, and then select the image from your Uploads to automatically add the image to your workspace.

Step 5: Click on the background of the workspace, and then click on the color swatch on the top left.

Step 6: Go to the sidebar and scroll down to Photo Colors. Canva will offer up at least 5 colors from the image. You can use these as your brand’s color palette!

From there, you can create a color palette using of our color palette templates or copy the hex codes to your brand in Canva. Now, when you’re creating graphics and other marketing assets for your brand, you can easily select the colors from your brand palette!

Watch the tutorial below:

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