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How to Include Seasons Into Your Content While Staying On-Brand

Sometimes, seasons have a sneaky way of showing up…

And guess what?

You’re not prepared with seasonal content. Instead, you’re scrambling trying to put bits and pieces together at the last minute. 

This results in content that’s probably off-brand or simply doesn’t resonate with your audience. 

Here are 3 ways you can stay on top of every season with your content: 

1. Have a clear brand style guide –  If you have a strong, identifiable brand, it’s easier to recognize which trends actually work for your brand and which trends you should stay away from.  

Your brand style guide serves as the go-to source for keeping a consistent style for your business. 

Think of your brand style guide as a wardrobe for your brand. You always want it to look and feel amazingly unique!

Your brand style guide is key for keeping you grounded on your vision year-round.

It’s also a great resource to have when you hand off projects to designers. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

2. You don’t need an entire rebrand – It sounds exciting to switch things up entirely, but don’t. 

Stick to the seasonal colors and trends that make sense for your brand. Your target audience will notice if you aren’t being TRUE to your brand.

Your target audience will appreciate you for maintaining consistency, even during the different seasons.  

They don’t want to be confused when you pop up in their social media feeds or in their inbox. 

To avoid that problem, simply introduce a few accents and pops of color, not an entirely new palette. 

Think about the big box brands of the world.

During holidays or certain seasons, they don’t change their entire look. They add a few fun accents, while still keeping an on-brand vibe. 

3. Use stock photos – When used correctly, stock photos are a game-changer for your content. 

Including on-brand stock images in your content creation process can help you focus on creating engaging content for your brand. Tons of ideas will start flowing after you’ve picked the right stock images.

You can find a variety of stock images inside of the ColorJoy Stock library. 

There’s literally something for everyone inside the CJS library. 

By the way, you can also get creative with your seasonal content using our new stock videos. 

Now, we’d love to know how you include seasonal colors in trends into your brand.

Comment below to let us know. 

You might inspire someone else!

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