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Master Your Sales Page Workshop with Marielle Davis

Have you ever created a sales page for your launch, and felt overwhelmed by the design and copy aspect of it all?

I get it! 

If there’s anything we’re all learning in business, it’s strategy matters. So whether you’re promoting your services or products, there are few non-negotiables for your sales page, and guess what? 

You CAN make it work thanks to July’s member bonus, the Master Your Sales Page Workshop

I love our member bonuses because they’re the perfect way for members to share their best tips to help us level up our brand and content strategy. 

The Master Your Sales Page Workshop led by Marielle Davis of Ivy and Elle Studio will teach you how to: 

  • Instantly grab your dream client’s attention 
  • Use social proof for emotional buy-in 
  • Burst common objections and more

You’re in for a treat if you’re looking to grow your brand with ease.

The workshop also includes a workbook that will help you create or revamp you sales page with strategy.

Marielle is a brand and website designer for systems, socials and tech experts. She is passionate about helping service based experts grow their brand with easy to use templates. She can often be found cooking up new ideas in her home studio in Brisbane, Australia with a coffee in hand.

“The first thing someone wants to see on your site is that you can help solve their problem.” – Marielle Davis

You’ll learn 4 key elements for your sales page and be ready to: 

  • Increase your bookings 
  • Position you as an expert 
  • Help you have a branded experience

A clear sales page is essential if you want to spend less time on sales calls with people who aren’t your dream clients. You want to take your audience on an unforgettable buyer’s journey that has them READY to invest in your services or products. 

Join any membership level through the end of July for instant access to the Master Your Sales Page cWorkshop. We can’t wait to see the beautiful sales pages you create with what you’ve learned!

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