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Member Feature: Jasmin Closson

Want to see how our members are creating impact in their business and using ColorJoy photos while doing it? Check out our member series, highlighting different areas of entrepreneurship, this time featuring Jasmin Closson!

Jasmin Closson is an OBM (Online Business Manager) and SMM (Social Media Manager) helping clients streamline the backend of their business, manage launches, and develop strategies to help sustainably grow their business. Learn how to start working with clients who are ready to invest by downloading her free Client Attraction Workbook

Watch the interview or read it below:

CJS: How would a business owner know when it’s time to outsource some of their tasks/hire help?

Jasmin: First, when you’re not specific when it comes to outsourcing or bringing in help, it can often lead to more work and managing a team can feel like a job or client in itself. Make sure you’re clear on your goals and budget so you can have a long term relationship when it comes to outsourcing. It’s fine if you’re wanting to hire someone who is freelancing and you have a one-off project, but if you’re thinking long term and want to have someone who can support you with your vision and goals, it’s important to be specific. I don’t think there’s a “right” time, but this is what you want to think about when it comes to getting extra, supportive hands.

CJS: Why is it important for a business owner to know who their ideal client is?

Jasmin: As your business grows, specifically for early stage entrepreneurs, you aren’t really sure who your ideal client is, what niche, what industry you want to work with. So, it really helps to just get in there and start working with people and then you’ll start to develop a list of people that you really love working with. That ideal client will help when you’re creating offers, products or programs because you can speak directly to them. When you are speaking to everybody, you’re really speaking to nobody. We’ve heard that a bunch of times in this space, but it’s so true. When you speak to your ideal client it’s going to save you so much time in the long run.

CJS: How has your ColorJoy Stock membership helped your business?

Jasmin: Having a ColorJoy Stock membership has been a game changer for my business, because I would spend hours, especially when you work with Pinterest and Instagram. Finding quality stock photos is so hard, and finding stock photos of women of color is even harder. So when I discovered this membership I was like, this is a no brainer, and now I preach it to everybody. I am so grateful for the time that this membership has given back to my business, and it allows me to do other things rather than focusing on finding beautiful photos to share with my clients. We also love to use the stock photos on our agency page!

CJS: What are you excited about right now in your business?

Jasmin: We are focusing on connecting with our audience, getting to know new amazing business owners. We have our retainer packages for social media management and business management. We also have a couple free resources that you can download through our link in bio on Instagram.

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