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Member Feature: Krystal Clark

Want to see how our members are creating impact in their business and using ColorJoy photos while doing it? We’re starting a new member series, highlighting different areas of entrepreneurship, starting with Krystal Clark!

Krystal is a Workflow Strategist helping service-based solopreneurs and small teams organize their business with systems and automation so they can work smarter, serve better, live freely, and be profitable. Organize your empire with resources & templates in her free resource vault.

Watch the interview or read it below:

CJS: Why are systems important in business?

Krystal: Because they help you do less admin work, help you create a client experience that allows you to essentially turn clients into raving fans, and you have the ability to save time and get back to the things and people you love. When you have systems in place, you’re more organized and equipped to scale your businees by bringing on additional team members that can help you and have a step-by-step process and system to use.

CJS: Why is Dubsado your favorite platform for creating systems?

Krystal: It has great features like workflows, scheduler and the ability to create gorgeous forms or graphics on Canva or code them with HTML and CSS for a more advanced mojo!

CJS: What is your favorite Dubsado feature?

Krystal: Forms are my favorite, because they give you the ability to create unlimited things with code blocks, you can embed Trello boards, videos, welcome guides, proofs for clients, designs to make the experience interactive with clients.

CJS: How can a new business owner get started using a CRM?

Krystal: Simply do a quick brain dump about all the things they need from a system. What do you want to do to serve your clients? How do you want to onboard them? Do you want to be able to send invoices? Do you need the ability to send proposals and contracts? Do you need to send questionnaires? Do you need to have meetings and a scheduler?

Brain dump all the things you envision for your client experience to start out, and then going on a hunt for a CRM will be a breeze, because when you compare features from one CRM to another, you can look at your handy dandy list and answer..does this feature match what I need to be able to do? Then you can take that same list and create the emails you need, forms and questionnaires and then build your workflows in a breeze!

CJS: How has your ColorJoy membership helped your business?

Krystal: It has allowed me to promote ColorJoy to my clients to help them create gorgeous forms, proposals, contracts and beautiful materials for their businesses as well as my own! My client experience and social media presence is really elevated by the imagery in the ColorJoy membership.

I’m so happy to be a part of the membership and to have imagery that isn’t necessarily all about me. Sure, having a branded shoot and an album of professional images of me and my brand is helpful.

It’s also helpful to have other images that reflect my brand that show other cultures, other women, other people doing their thing, so that I can wow my online followers and clients. It also helps make everything cohesive as we build everything out.

CJS: What are you excited about right now in your business?

Krystal: What I feel real good about in my business right now is moving into teaching, mentoring and consulting. I love to teach, consult, guide and empower people to take the reigns of their backend, not be afraid of tech, be confident with the systems that they use, and be able to put systems in place so they aren’t doing tons of admin work. Or even being able to work with clients faster.

I have a Systemize Your Superpower Course that helps people build out workflows using Dubsado

I recently launch the Unstoppable Systems Pro course which teaches aspiring and current systems and Dubsado pros how to build a sustainable business that they can be proud of as they do systems setups for their clients.

Thank you so much for sharing with us, Krystal!

Stock Photos for Systems Pros

Share how to create systems and workflows in your business with these images from ColorJoy Stock.

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