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Our Must-Have Apps for Content Creators

While content creation can be fun, there are still quite a few steps in the process.

Sometimes, it can be quite tedious. 

That’s just one reason why we want it to be as simple and easy as possible. Fortunately, there are some amazing apps out there that give us back a few minutes of our time. 

Afterall, as a content creator your time is precious. 

Now, check out these apps that are a staple for the CJS team. 


Our CJS Canva templates make it easy to create beautiful and branded designs for all of our marketing channels. If it weren’t for Canva, where would we be as content creators?


Canva makes everything seamless, especially when you have CJS Canva templates. 

Our go-to scheduling platform! 

Planoly is super user-friendly, making it quick and easy for us to plan and schedule our Instagram content. Planoly is perfect if you like visualizing your Instagram feed as well. 

This makes the batching and planning process a breeze. 


The best editing software for editing our phone photos with the CJS Presets! 

Lightroom Mobile is an amazing free tool that allows you to conveniently create beautiful images in just a few minutes. You’ll literally have quality photos after a few tweaks. 

The transformations are breath-taking. 


If you’re the queen of organization, Airtable will be your best friend.

We store all of our content for social media, email, blog posts, collaborations, and so much more inside of Airtable.

Airtable is a multi-functional and customizable sheet. Think of it as an upgraded Excel sheet that’s customizable to your brand’s needs and goals. 


Most of us can easily get lost in Pinterest

But it’s for good reason though. 

It’s where inspo and creative ideas come to life. We love using Pinterest to create mood boards and shot lists for each CJS collection. 


Building your email list is a key part of content creation. 

Flodesk is the perfect email marketing platform to do exactly that. Flodesk also connects with some of your apps, including Shopify for ecommerce brands.

It’s also a great choice if you love staying on-brand with your emails. 

We hope these apps streamline your content creation process. 

Are you looking to take your content creation process up another notch? Check out a sneak peek of our Content Creator Collection below:

Head over to the CJS library for everything you need including 4k images in the library, Canva templates, Lightroom presets, content ideas, and more!

Sign up for instant access here. 

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