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The Brand Personality Workshop with Vanessa Ryan

When I started my business, I wasn’t thinking about brand colors, a logo or even my ideal client. I knew I had fallen in love with photography and eventually wanted to do it full time, but I wasn’t clear on how my branding would impact my business.

Now, branding is more than your visuals. It’s about the experience and results you provide your clients and customers. But we’ve seen over and over again how much brand recognition impacts the growth of your business, and that starts with your visuals.

If you’re launching a business, just starting to create a visual brand or going through a rebrand/refresh, The Brand Personality Workshop is for you! We take a deep dive into creating a visual brand identity, including color palettes, typefaces, design elements and curating styled stock photos for your brand.

This workshop is our June member bonus, as we add new resources for our members every month to help them uplevel their brand and content strategy!

I’m so excited to collaborate with Canva coach, designer and my friend, Vanessa Ryan of Vanessa Ryan Co. She has been a huge asset to the ColorJoy brand, and I know you’ll learn so much from her.

“Styled stock photos keep your branding consistent on your social media, your e-mail marketing and website. It’s the foundational part of your brand.” – Vanessa Ryan

To start creating your brand visuals:

  • Identify your target audience
  • Draw inspiration
  • Create a moodboard of images, colors, fonts and graphic elements
  • Refine your brand style
  • Create and curate imagery that attracts your clients and customers

And we’ll cover all of these in the workshop!

“Use graphics to create micro-educational content on social media, such as carousels, GIFs and animations.”

Branding on social media is all about variety in your content. It’s not enough to just have branded photos of yourself, or just stock photos. Incorporate graphics to educate your audience and build trust with them. Use your moodboard and color palette while incorporating your graaphics for cohesive aesthetic. Consistency is key.

Join any membership level through the end of June for instant access. We can’t wait to see how you create your own branding using what you learned!

Stock Photos for Systems Pros

Share how to create systems and workflows in your business with these images from ColorJoy Stock.

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