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Why Diverse Representation In Your Marketing Matters

Pretty photos, showing off diverse backgrounds are always an excellent choice. 

But if you want to spark a bit more joy, you must go beyond cute images. 

Creating ads, sales pages, and digital products with diverse photos can only get you so far with the people you want to truly connect with. 

You’re missing another BIG piece to the puzzle:

Your brand’s messaging. 

You want to speak directly to your target audience and niche, but with the idea that they have different life experiences.

A survey by Google showed 64% of consumers took action from an ad they considered to be diverse or inclusive.

It’s possible to effectively speak to your dream clients or customers based on a common goal.

The key is to dig deeper.

Having go-to diverse customer/client personas in your brand’s toolkit is a perfect way to make this happen. 

Customer/client audience personas are elements that describe your ideal audience in terms of their goals, struggles, demographics, and their day-to-day life. 

Make sure your personas don’t simply focus on one type of person in your audience. 

Creating personas with diversity in mind results in these 6 BIG wins: 

1. Shows Your Audience They Are Seen

When people in your audience feel seen, they’re more likely to purchase your products or invest in your services.

2. Puts Your Values on Display 

Don’t be afraid to share your brand’s values.

People will instantly feel connected with your brand if they resonate with the beliefs behind the brand itself.

3. Expands Your Client/Customer Base

Guess what also happens when your clients or customers feel represented?

They’ll start talking about you (in a GOOD way, of course!)

Not only does brand loyalty come into play here, but your loyal clients or customers will start referring your business to other people. And who doesn’t want that? 

4. Provides Different Perspectives On Your Business 

Bringing different perspectives to the table is valuable to your brand’s mission and values. 

Maybe members of your team have a few helpful thoughts or amazing ideas. 

You can also get your customers and clients involved by inviting them to share their opinions in surveys. 

These surveys can help you improve on a few things and give you some exciting ideas as well. 

5. Can Positively Impact Your Revenue 

Your audience is waiting for you to make them feel special. 

You can count on some extra dollars dropping in your business bank account when your messaging is a direct reflection of everyone in your audience. 

Influences Social Change 

Being intentional about including diverse representation in your marketing, elevates more diverse voices in the world. 

At the end of the day, your mission is bigger than your brand. 

There’s a domino effect that can change the world.

So, why not spark more joy by including diversity and inclusion in your marketing?!

Tell us, how would you like to see more diversity in marketing?

Drop in the comments below and let’s chat about it!

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